Saturday, November 28, 2009

Art on Youtube


Women are the sources of life. We are the birth givers, the nurturers, the mentors and the molders of the present and the future.
Since the beginning of humanity, women have been worshipped, adored, cherished and admired. They also have been defamed, castigated, condemned, abused, maligned, raped and murdered.
Women are lovers, wives, mothers, healers, writers, artists, inventors, queens, princesses, presidents, administrators, tradespeople, laborers, aviators, astronauts, navigators and soldiers. They serve many and give to all walks of life, yet they are more than mere mortals because they remain the source of all life.

Because women are so much to so many, they have been depicted on cave walls and in oil portraits. They are a favorite subject of artists in all genre since they represent beauty and bounty, mayhem and madness, courage and constancy, seduction and sex, nakedness and style. They are the world to the world.

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