Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Poetry Slam

Never transpiredThis resemblanceOn account ofAppearanceOf external selfThe attireThe actionThe processAs concernsThinkin' for selfSelf withinComprised similar To all humansThy which becameBy cause of societyReconstructed it for theeSolely a small amountIn that be conspiciousWhich societySpeculteed concernin' theeAm not othersWhom you've heardRegardin'SubsequentlyThroughout timeWhich they persistThis falsehoodBecame to accept itSociety brought into Exist this of meStrive to be thyselfSociety imposed these clichesThis stereotypeUpon thyselfIs inadequateOf theeThy feelThy loveThy possess compassionSame obstructionsThrough thy lifeEqualin' their's ownTheir circlesInvent for themIf convincedThen a subjectThey becomeA slaveTo these discrmative notionsIf theyUnderstand theeDiscoverFor themselfWhom thy amThy laborMake paymentsFor a homeFor foodFor apparelFor utilitiesThis may startle youAm humanAlike all othersEarnin's go to the richSimilar toEvery other workerThusWe keepSomethin' fimilarCopin' with societyEndurin'The inaccuraciesOf other group conceptionsStrip theeOf thy appearanceFrom your thoughtsProceed inwardsInto thy depthsOf thy essential natureDon't let appearances judgeThey've percievedregardin' other groupsFrom othersIf thy act similarThy'd not reasonin'For thyselfWon't evaluateby your appearanceNot 'til thy investigateYour personalityYour characteristicsYour psycheI condemnMerelyThose thy've investigatedThy'd obtain knowledgeIn regards to youYou'd obtain knowledgeIn regard to theePlease don't classify theeSomethin' thy'm notAll of weUnique individualIf not consentedTo acceptThose clichesAnd stereotypesPlaqued by our societyAccept theeWho thy amThy'm not identicalTo anyone than thyselfThy only obtainThy own personalityThy own characterThy own psycheSocietyAs a wholeNever acquired knowledgeOf thy essential natureOnly someon's assumptionNot whomYou've been toldDiscover theeThrough yourselfIndependentlyAccept theeAccept theeAccept thee

By R.K. Crowles

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